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The USTA Benefactor Foundation supports the growth and development of USTA and the programs and services it provides to our athletes and members.

The USTA Benefactor Foundation was established in 1997 under the guidance of volunteer Paula Romeo. Janie Arnold was the volunteer coordinator from 2001 to 2011, followed by Dyan Carness from 2012 to 2016 and Paige Papile from 2016 to 2019. The current volunteer coordinator is Niki Riley.

Contributing to the USTA Benefactor Foundation is a meaningful way for USTA alumni, parents, grandparents, coaches, judges, teams and corps, studios, clubs, state and regional councils and corporate donors to recognize the positive impact of twirling on young people—from better health and physical fitness to increased confidence and self-esteem. Support the USTA Benefactor Foundation and make a donation today!

Tax-deductible donations to the USTA Benefactor Foundation provide valuable financial support to USTA, which is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. The funds received support many USTA programs and initiatives, as well as our organization's athletes. Activities include:

  • Sponsoring growth, development and outreach activities by USTA
  • Assisting with programs aimed at grassroots and recreational twirling
  • Providing financial support to elite athletes competing in national and international twirling competitions
  • Funding development programs for USTA coaches and judges

Helping Hands


USTA wants to encourage children, teens and adults to engage in volunteerism and perform community service by recognizing those who extend a helping hand and make a difference in their area.

Not only is USTA home to some of the best baton twirlers, coaches and judges from around the world, we also are proud to have members who contribute their time and energy outside the gym to help make their local community a better place. The USTA Helping Hands Program highlights and celebrates our members who have "lent a helping hand" to others. These members will be recognized online, on USTA's social media channels and at the U.S. National Baton Twirling Championships each year.

Thank you to all our twirlers, professionals, friends and twirling clubs who show, day in and day out, that our twirling community is always ready to lend a hand to those in our community who are in need.

Participation in the USTA Helping Hands Program, and gaining recognition for your community service efforts, is simple!

  1. Identify the category that applies for you (Athlete, Club or Adult)
  2. Complete and record your hours of community service on the USTA Volunteer Record Sheet
  3. Complete the USTA Volunteer Form and upload it, along with your USTA Volunteer Record Sheet, by May 1 of each year


Creative Challenge

Apply for a grant to help fund an idea you have for promoting baton twirling and helping our sport to grow!

Through the USTA Creative Challenge Grant program, the USTA Board of Directors seeks to identify and provide financial support to individuals who have an idea for how we can strengthen our sport and help USTA grow. Download a copy of the grant application using the link below and describe your idea for a project that will positively impact USTA and/or our twirling community.

Applications due by June 1, 2022!