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Baton twirling is a sport that combines dance and gymnastics while manipulating one, two or three batons at the same time.

USTA athletes participate as recreational baton twirlers through local groups. Many twirl for their school or college. Others compete in twirling competitions at the local, state, regional, national or international level. Scroll down to learn more about how you can join our sport and get involved with USTA!



USTA-certified coaches and local twirling clubs serve as a point of contact for those who are new to twirling, provide information about our sport, offer opportunities to perform and bring new athletes into their local twirling community.

Whether you’re looking for a coach or club, or hoping to twirl for your school or college, we can connect you with a twirling professional in your area. Simply click one of the links below and learn more about what our sport has to offer!

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Collegiate Twirling



Put your skills to the test and meet other competitive baton twirlers by taking part in a USTA-sanctioned baton twirling competition.

USTA offers a variety of local, state, regional and national competitions for those who seek to compete as a baton twirlers at the highest competitive levels. Participating in our competitions is a great way to stay active, improve your skills and have fun competing alongside other baton enthusiasts. Click the links below to learn more.