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Competitive Events

USTA sanctions approximately 200 local, state, regional and national twirling competitions each year, giving athletes the opportunity to demonstrate their twirling skills in an atmosphere of fun, friendship and good sportsmanship.

USTA-sanctioned competitions are sponsored by individuals, clubs, state councils and regional councils using official USTA music and USTA-certified judges. Some competitions may offer additional unsanctioned events not listed below.

Participants in a USTA-sanctioned contest must hold an active USTA membership, or alternatively, individuals may pay a nominal $5 "non-member fee." Learn about the benefits of USTA membership and our different membership tiers at the link below.

Most USTA-sanctioned contests offer the following events:

Athletes in a USTA-sanctioned competition generally do not have to qualify or pass a particular level of Compulsories or Movement Technique.

At USTA-sanctioned competitions, athletes are grouped by age and ability. All USTA individual Foundation and Championship events (except for Compulsories and Movement Technique) are performed to the Official USTA Competition Music.

Competitive Foundation Events

  • Basic March
  • Parade March
  • Military March
  • Presentation

Evaluative Foundation Events (athlete receives critique and comments from the judge)

  • Short Program

Group Events

  • Twirl Teams
  • Dance Twirl Teams
  • Show Teams
  • Trios
  • Parade Corps
  • Entertainment Corps
  • Artistic Groups

Essential Events

  • Compulsories
  • Movement Technique

Championship Events

  • Solo
  • Duet
  • 2-Baton
  • 3-Baton
  • Strut
  • Artistic Twirl
  • Artistic Twirl Pairs
  • Collegiate