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Twirling & Tryouts

What is

Collegiate Twirling

It's the opportunity to share your love of twirling with the world as a feature twirler, member of a twirling line or twirler with your college band.

Show your school spirit by performing at athletic events and other university functions.

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Why Twirl for

Your School

It can be an incredible experience!

Beyond the friendships you'll forge with other twirlers and members of the band, you may get to travel to other parts of the country, performing for thousands of spectators in support of your school. Some schools also provide financial support and scholarships for collegiate twirlers.

Collegiate Twirling


USTA's 2021 Collegiate National Twirling Champion is Bower Sarra from Arizona State University. Here's what he has to say about his experience as a collegiate twirler:

My favorite part about collegiate twirling is the thrill and enjoyment I get when performing for my school! I treat college twirling as my "fun" twirling--every performance I get to represent the sport of baton for the audience, and I think that is why I enjoy it so much! I highly recommend twirling for your college. It brings so many performance opportunities and a way to meet so many incredible people. My favorite memory is from an event called Concert on the Steps. We performed our show in front of the basketball arena, and I remember seeing my family in the crowd and hearing people cheer for me. It was an incredible experience!



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