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How to Become a

USTA Coach

Help others discover the wonderful world of baton!

Becoming a baton twirling coach is one of the most rewarding things you can do to stay involved and give back to our sport. USTA has developed a robust training program for new and experienced coaches, and we offer a variety of materials and resources that will help you start your own twirling business and nurture the next generation of twirlers.

Benefits of Becoming a USTA-Certified Coach

There are so many benefits to becoming a USTA-certified coach. It allows you to:

  • Take advantage of USTA's training materials and resources for coaches to help you provide the foundation and instruction your students need
  • Benefit from USTA's professional resources to help you build your coaching business and twirling club
  • Be listed on USTA's website and Member Portal for individuals looking for a baton coach or club in your area
  • Get the latest news from USTA through our monthly News & Views eNewsletter and quarterly Catch It! eZine
  • Have the ability to obtain a Certificate of Insurance through USTA, which will help you rent facilities for your students
  • Receive $2 million in liability insurance coverage through USTA

For more information about becoming a USTA-certified coach, contact the USTA Coaches Department at

How to Become a

USTA Judge

Have a positive impact on the development of twirlers around the country

USTA-certified judges undergo rigorous training to ensure that our athletes receive fair and consistent adjudications at USTA competitions. USTA judges are also trained to provide constructive and insightful feedback to athletes—all to help our coaches and athletes be the very best they can be.

Becoming a USTA-certified judge

USTA-certified judges play an integral role in our sport and organization. At the local level, judges provide feedback to competitors and coaches to help ensure that baton twirling athletes in USTA are receiving appropriate training and undergoing proper development. At the regional and national level, judges assess the performances of our highest-level athletes and select the champions who will serve as role models for our sport and organization.

Serving as a judge is an intellectually rigorous and emotionally satisfying responsibility, and we encourage all interested individuals to consider joining our judging community! Among the many benefits of becoming a judge:

  • You'll dramatically increase your knowledge of the sport of baton twirling by taking advantage of USTA's judge training programs, materials and events
  • You'll have the opportunity to positively impact the development of twirlers across the country by conducting educated evaluations and offering constructive feedback
  • You'll have the opportunity to travel to competitions across the country and work with other USTA professionals

For more information about becoming a USTA-certified judge, contact the USTA Judges Department at



USTA depends on its supporters and volunteers to create programming and host events for our twirlers. If you would like to lend your expertise to our organization (marketing, promotions, graphic design, photo/video editing, philanthropy, etc.), or if you'd simply like to find a way to give back by volunteering your time, please reach out to us at the link below. We thank you for your support!