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2020 Grant Recipients

Trenton M. Haltom and David Lopes

Trenton and David have big plans for a Twirling World Inclusivity, Representation and Lifestyles (or "TWIRL") survey.

Trenton M. Haltom and David Lopes have received a grant through the 2020 USTA Creative Challenge to fund the Twirling World Inclusivity, Representation and Lifestyles (or "TWIRL") survey. This international study will try to answer questions, including: Who are twirling athletes in terms of their racial/ethnic, gender, sexual identities and nationalities? What are twirling athletes' experiences with stigma and discrimination within or because of baton twirling? The web-based survey will be distributed to twirlers in the United States, France and Japan.

"The goal of the TWIRL Survey is to expand knowledge of baton twirlers in hopes of improving programming, inspiring inclusive policies and promoting the sport," said Haltom who is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he studies social inequalities in gender, sexuality, health, the workplace and in sports. "Our innovative project uniquely connects the experiences of our sport's athletes and organizational leaders from around the world who may mutually benefit from shared cultural knowledge about baton twirling."

Lopes is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Sport at the University of Lyon (France) where he is studying the effects of gender stereotypes in the socialization of men across cultures.

"This year one of the key values across the world was the importance of diversity and inclusion," said John Chamberlain, Vice President of USTA. "The project these researchers have presented is both timely and one that is truly important in our sport worldwide. We were impressed with the focus of their project and look forward to the results of the extensive research project."

Trenton M. Haltom
David Lopes