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Meet USTA Professional member

Linda Boss

Linda Boss is a Professional member from New York. She has served as president of both the New York Twirling Council and the Northeast Regional Council and is currently serving in USTA’s Member Services Department. Inside Loop, USTA’s online publication for Professional members, recently talked with Boss about her experiences in the sport of baton twirling and USTA. Here's what she had to say.

Inside Loop: How did you begin your twirling career?

Boss: In 1969 my mom saw an ad in the local paper about baton twirling and asked if I wanted to join. It was with our local community sports organization. I really enjoyed it and stayed with them for 10 years. We started in ESTA which was a local organization that ran contests in Long Island. Then we met a coach who introduced us to USTA and we loved this organization so much better. We had greater opportunities for travel and better competitions. I stayed with my twirling group until 1979 when I went off to college.

Inside Loop: What has been the greatest benefits from being a USTA Professional?

Boss: There are tremendous opportunities for mentoring with world class professionals within USTA. I am also appreciative of being able to travel around the country and the world meeting elite talent within the sport of baton twirling. The opportunities for education are endless.

Inside Loop: What are three things the twirling world probably doesn’t know about you?


  • 1. I met my husband, via my mom, when he was delivering pizza to a Brumidi competition. I always said I would never marry anyone from Deer Park or live in Deer Park. Well, I did both.

  • 2. I always said to my daughter, Julia, that we cannot have pets because I am allergic. Every Christmas since she was three years old, she asked for a puppy. Then in 2019 COVID-19 hit and she had to come home from college. Two months later we got a Corgi. His name is Thor. We just got him a Corgi brother who is named Loki. I cannot imagine my life without them. 

  • 3. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Every inch of my home is beautifully decorated. If I could keep my decorations up 24/7 I would. Hallmark is my favorite channel. I am obsessed with watching Christmas movies in July.