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USTA staff members stepping up( Fri, May 10 00:05:AM)



USTA staff members stepping up

Keri Cooke Karen Cammer
Dale White
USTA Member Services Director Keri Cooke's role has expanded to Manager of Memberships and Sports Operations, where she will manage and maintain memberships and event registrations/entries and assist the executive director in the management of the athletic branch of USTA. Cooke will also assist the executive director in overseeing and managing the administration, planning, execution and proper communication of USTA  events, including Trials, PreTrials, Nationals and national conventions. In conjunction with the Technical Department director, Cooke will be responsible for the enforcement of policies and procedures set forth in the USTA Rule Book.
USTA President Karen Cammer, who served 12+ years as National Contest Director and U.S. Trials Director, has volunteered to lead the national competition team and assist Executive Director Alison La Ferlita through her first Nationals competition.
Dale White will remain the U.S. WBTF Judges Representative, but has moved from the Judges’ Department to the Technical Department. This was a lateral move and, as some of you may know, the original home of this particular position.