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Getting to know USTA Professional member Cindy Masidonio( Mon, Apr 15 00:04:AM)



Getting to know USTA Professional member Cindy Masidonio

“Getting to know you…getting to know all about you.”

A new feature of INSIDE LOOP is an up close and personal interview with YOU, our professionals. We want to know YOU, what makes you tick, what you do outside of baton, and little known facts about YOU. Let's meet USTA Professional member Cindy Masidonio from South Carolina.

As a “newbie” to USTA, how would you regard your experiences so far within this association? Any challenges?
Cindy: There are many things I like about USTA. Most of the professional members have been very welcoming. The biggest challenge is figuring out all the steps to the compulsories. I have had to reach out for help and guidance in this area.
What is it about baton twirling that keeps you involved and ignites your passion?
Cindy: I have been involved with baton twirling for over 56 years. I enjoy coaching twirlers and see their excitement when they master a new trick. The joy in their faces when they are successful at a competition makes it all worthwhile. I was quite active in coaching and directing competitions when I lived in California. In 2015, my husband and I moved to South Carolina where I thought my involvement in twirling would slow down. It has actually been quite the opposite. I am busier now coaching, directing competitions, traveling to baton events and judging. It has also been wonderful to share my passion with my daughter, Kellie Guinn. We do most of our twirling experience together and I love it.
Tell us three things about you that the baton twirling world would never know.
Cindy: 1.  I am a substitute teacher - perfect to arrange my teaching schedule around my twirling events and activities.
2.  I love my bird houses and bird feeders. I have two large bird stations in my backyard and it me gives me great joy to watch different birds come to the feeders and build nests in their bird houses.
3.  I have the most understanding and patient husband in the world. He allows me to enjoy my twirling passion. He misses me when I am gone but never complains.