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USTA Board approves policy regarding Athlete vs Judge vs Coach( Mon, Sep 25 00:09:AM)





POLICY:  It is USTA’s policy to ensure that members who hold a variety of positions within the organization are conflict free during the competition season. At the beginning of the season, members must declare what position they will hold to avoid conflict. Affected members should make their declaration to the Executive Director of Sport, or in the case that position is vacant, the USTA President.  
For the purpose of this policy, the following is defined:
•    Athlete:  USTA member who competes in any USTA competition during the season. This includes USTA affiliated competitions such as the Pan Pacific Cup, International Cup and World Championships.
•    Judge:  Professional USTA member who is a certified USTA Judge, adjudicating USTA competitions during the season. 
•    Coach:  USTA member teaching students for pay whether they are credentialed or not.

If the member is an Athlete and a certified Judge, and has chosen to be an Athlete for the competitive season, the following will apply:
•    Authorized to judge local contests but cannot compete in said contest. They should recuse themselves from judging anyone in their age category. 
•    Authorized to attend workshops for certification or recertification.  
•    Not authorized to judge any state, regional, national or international competitions for any season in which they are also a competing Athlete. 
If the member is an Athlete and a Coach and has chosen to be an Athlete for the competitive season, the following will apply:
•    The Coach may not compete against his/her students. 
•    The Coach may not be considered the Primary Coach for any athlete, team or pair for the US Trials, Pre-Trials, Pan Pacific Cup, International Cup or World Championships. 


If the member is a Judge and a Coach, the following will apply at state, regional, national and international competitions:
•    When judging a contest, the Judge may not take on the role of a Coach during that contest
•    Judge’s and Coach’s credentials will still be listed on the Professional Listing on the USTA website.


If the member has declared themselves as an Athlete, they are prohibited from serving in a USTA leadership position or on any USTA Board of Directors at the national or regional Level. They may participate as a member of their state Board of Directors.

Violations of this policy should be reported via the USTA Incident Resolution Report.

This policy is effective September 1, 2017.