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Share your great ideas with USTA's Board of Directors( Thu, Nov 3 00:11:AM)


Share your great ideas with USTA's Board of Directors

As the “Democratic Voice” of baton twirling, members of the U.S. Twirling Association have an opportunity to make a difference by reaching out to our leadership directly with ideas and concerns. Did you know that ANY MEMBER can write a proposal to the USTA Board and the Board will directly respond to each proposal? Of course, it is important that your proposal be formulated well so that it can receive full consideration. Here are the steps in submitting a proposal that will help articulate your thoughts and outline your proposed ideas that could shape the future of USTA!

1.    Obtain the USTA Proposal Form here or from the Document Library. Log into the Members Only section of the website and choose Documents in the left hand menu, then select Board and click Search.
2.    Formulate a proposal statement. In a sentence or two, write your overriding idea succinctly and encapsulate the main reason for your proposal. (Example: I propose that the U.S. Twirling Association (USTA) become a member of the International Olympic Committee.)
3.    Provide detail for the reason for the proposal. Describe the methodology and thought process that brought it about your idea and reason for a proposal. Be persuasive! How will it help the organization? Are there any possible negatives surrounding the proposed change that ought to be noted? What will be the effect on volunteer leadership time? What is the expected cost? Are there any expenses associated with the proposal? If so, provide specific budgetary details. Who is involved or needs to be involved for its success? Etc. 
4.    Submit your proposal to the Executive Director of Sport by email to
Upon submission of your proposal, the Executive Director of Sport will confirm receipt, ask any follow up questions needed to bring clarity to your idea, and then let you know when the Board might be able to address your submission.
It’s that easy! Your voice will be heard! Now that you know, start working to submit your great ideas today! In USTA, ALL members truly have a voice and can make a difference for our twirling community!