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Black History Month Spotlight: Herminie Horsford-Tavares ( Thu, Feb 25 00:02:AM)

Herminie Horsford-Tavares is a twirling mother and grandmother and long-time volunteer for Brumidi Baton and the New York Twirling Council.

Dedication and loyalty are among the characteristics that define Herminie Horsford-Tavares. The New York resident has been a special education teacher for 23 years. She added “baton mom” to her titles sixteen years ago.

“I became involved with twirling when my daughter Morganne started twirling in 2005,” Horsford-Tavares explained. “I volunteered with Brumidi Baton, helping with fundraising events and contest set up, as well as ‘day of’ events.”

She was an integral part of Brumidi Baton, according to Director Linda Boss.

“Everyone who runs a twirling organization knows what a blessing it can be to have a twirler’s mom be committed to helping your organization,” Boss said. “When Morganne was twirling for Brumidi Baton, Herminie couldn’t volunteer enough for all of our contests and events, from helping double-check all of our entries to helping with fundraising.”

But Horsford-Tavares didn’t stop there. She also volunteered to help the New York Twirling Council with tabulation during the annual NY State Championships.

“She is a true asset to our team and is always there, doing whatever task is needed,” explained June Shepard, tab coordinator for the NY State Championships. Shepard said Horsford-Tavares continued to give of her time and talents even after her daughter finished her competitive twirling career.

“Even when she did not have an athlete competing, I could depend on Herminie to be there volunteering and doing a fantastic job,” Shepard said. “She is a gentle soul who does her job well and makes me laugh at her subtle humor.  She is a very special person whom it has been my pleasure to get to know and work with.”

These days, Horsford-Tavares is the grandparent of a Brumidi Baton athlete, so she’s still involved.

“I continue to reprise my role as a team mom for the travel team because of my granddaughter Jade,” Horsford-Tavares said.

“The real fullness of her spirit and good will is that she continues to volunteer for us to this day, both for Brumidi and helping out with tabulation at our state competitions,” Boss said. “She is an amazingly optimistic and patient soul, and such a great example for her daughter and granddaughter.”

Herminie Horsford-Tavares is also a joy and inspiration to generations of New York twirlers and twirling supporters.