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Important information about the new USTA Member Portal ( Thu, Feb 18 00:02:AM)


The new USTA Member Portal is up and running to make your twirling life easier! The portal is where you can renew memberships, check Compulsory and Movement Technique records and enter national competitions. For example, entry forms for the Regional/U.S. PreTrials and Athlete of the Year will be available in the portal soon!

IMPORTANT: If you have been a USTA member in the past, please DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT in the USTA Member Portal.

Just follow these steps to claim your existing account:
1.    Go to
2.    In the "username" field, put your  six digit USTA member ID. (If your USTA Member ID number does not have six digits, add a zero or zeros at the beginning of your number until it is six digits.)
3.    Then, click the "Forgot Password" link. 
4.    A password reset email will be sent to the email address you have on file with USTA. 
5.    Follow the instructions on that password reset email to set a password for your member portal account.
6.    Then you should be able to log in at and start exploring the USTA Member Portal.

These helpful “How-To Guides” will help you with other things you may want to do in the USTA Member Portal:
USTA Member Portal Overview
Registering for an account
Updating account info
Creating a family group
Purchasing a membership
Twirling club pages
Searching the file library
Submittin an inquiry

All of the guides are available for download here.

You can also watch the USTA Member Portal webinar here.

Online entry forms for the Regional/U.S. PreTrials and Athlete of the Year competition will be available on the USTA Member Portal soon, so don’t delay! Claim your member account now!!