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Black History Month Spotlight: Ireland and Vayda Jones( Fri, Feb 12 00:02:AM)

Sisters Ireland and Vayda Jones are third-generation twirlers from Indiana.

Twirling is a family tradition for Ireland and Vayda Jones. Their grandmother, Virginia Fearrin, and their mother, Amy Fearrin, are both former twirlers and current coaches and judges. Ireland, who is 15, and Vayda, who is 11, both started twirling at the age of five, and progressed quickly. They have competed at USTA, NBTA and Twirling Unlimited nationals. Ireland is a feature twirler at Carmel High School and has become known for her spinning prowess, having mastered a seven-spin at age 14!

Their twirling skill is the result of constant discipline and daily practice, which has also enhanced their ability to be great students, earning straight As. The girls are also very well-rounded.

“Besides all her twirling activities, Ireland is a volunteer at her church and vacation Bible school,” said Dale White, the girls’ coach. “If that isn’t enough, she also enjoys her job at her family’s ice cream shop!

“Vayda pretty much follows in her big sister’s footsteps,” White added. “She is, however, enjoying studying piano, guitar and singing in her school choir. As a result of all of this, her teachers have recognized her as a “budding artist” as her uncle is an accomplished artist.”

Their mother, Amy, says the girls constantly strive to better themselves through a realm of disciplines, and also have responsibilities around the house, including cleaning, walking the dog, doing laundry working on a hobby and going to bed at the same time every night.

The sisters also have each other's back. Ireland makes sure Vayda eats healthy to combat Crohn’s disease, and Vayda helps Ireland stays serious, as she’s been known to have a little too much fun!  

“All in all, these two are best friends, teammates, comrades and both sisters in Christ,” said Amy Fearrin. “I will add that it is a blessing to be the mother to these two angels.”