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Getting to know USTA Professional member Hollie Brown( Mon, Jun 15 00:06:AM)

Getting to know USTA Professional member Hollie Brown

“Getting to know you……… getting to know all about you.”

INSIDE LOOP recently checked in with USTA Professional member Hollie Brown of Urbana, Ohio. Hollie is the director of Paragon Baton Club and has experienced much success with the development of athletes from the grassroots level to the elite level. Here is what Hollie shared:

1. As a coach of young athletes what are you doing to keep them motivated and learning in the midst of the pandemic?

Hollie: I started by sending group messages and videos, asking them to practice their most basic rolls and thumb tosses. After only receiving a small amount of feedback, I found it easier to reach the families of the youngest students through individual texts, Zoom and FaceTime

appointments. We have even tried group meetings on Zoom, not necessarily for twirling practice, but for team bonding. Some of the youngest students miss their friends more than anything!
2. As a former athlete who excelled in Strut, what do you feel USTA can do to promote more participation in this event?
Hollie: I think USTA must retrain judges and coaches in the precise nature of the event. Once everyone sees the true style and accuracy of the event being rewarded, I believe participation will increase. The skills required for Strut are, or should be, slightly different than those required for Solo and Artistic Twirl. I think there are students at every level who could achieve success in Strut, even it they have yet to be successful in other events.
3. Please tell us 3 things that the twirling world doesn’t know about you.
Hollie: 1. In order to support my three girls and supplement my coaching income, I’ve held many different jobs, including newspaper journalist, legal assistant and daycare administrator.
2. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in motion picture history, theory and criticism.
3. I love stuffed animals.